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Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves can differentiate your product from that of your competition. They are versatile and allow you to cover the entire product with attractive to attract attention and shout on the shelf.

Products that typically fit into this category would include premium alcoholic beverages and sparkling wines, sauces and marinades, mayonnaise, milk shakes, flavored milks, drinking yoghurt, fruit juice, bubble bath, hand cream and body lotion.

Shrink sleeving entails placing a pre-printed plastic sleeve onto a container and then applying heat to the plastic film (typically between 40 - 70 micron) so that the film shrinks to the shape of the bottle.

The Columbit Group is able to offer the full spectrum in terms of machine sales (Fujiseal, Sleeveit and Nortan sleeve application equipment) installation, service and maintenance as well as printing the sleeving and application training for operators.

Colpak sleevs are available in the following formats:
  • Shrinkable PVC
  • Shrinkable PET
Some of the features of our shrink sleeves are:
  • Combination of body labels and tamper evidence and bar codes
  • 100% overall decoration
  • Colour in the high shrink area is the same as the low shrink area
  • Ideal for containers with curved profiles or unique shapes
  • Pre-distorted print
  • Translucent colours, transparent windows
  • Effective alternative to printed containers
  • Matt, gloss finishes or a combination of both
  • Photographic thermochromic finishes
  • Light fast printing
  • Alcohol resistant printing
  • Tactile shrink sleeves
  • High opacity printing for UV protection
  • Pasteurizable
Applications for which our sleeving is used:
  • Alcoholic Fruit Beverages
  • Milk Shakes, Flavored Milk and Drinking Yoghurt
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sauces and Marinades
  • Fruit Juice
  • Promotions (limited editions or special occasions)
  • Collations
  • Spices bottles


Equipment for Application of Shrink Sleeving

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Sleevit produces probably the widest range of tamper evident and primary decoration sleeving equipment available in the world including sleeve application machines, advanced shrinking tunnels and unique product handling technology. We offer solutions to a huge variety of primary sleeving and tamper evident product requirements.

Sleevit machines can effectively sleeve almost any shape of product, from large square ice cream tub containers to small items such as lipsticks and eyeliner pencils.
Sleevitprocesses are compatible with all container types and will not affect the product contained within. Even delicate or temperature sensitive goods can be sleeved at up to production line speeds. Soft lipstick, fresh milk, frozen foods and chocolate are all unaffected by the sleeving and shrinking processes specially designed for more delicate products.

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